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Join in the fun by signing up to Rewards. Collect and redeem rewards directly from the app, no plastic needed. Download from your app store by clicking one of the buttons below.

If you’re an existing Reward Card holder, you can register your card on the app so that your current points are included. If you haven’t used a Reward Card before, you can just download the app and start an account today.


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Use your app to collect points and get money off in pub. No need for a plastic card!

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Offers on the move!
All the latest offers tailored to you

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Join in the fun by collecting points on your purchases and convert these to pounds to spend in pub you can’t say Fayrer than that!

Register - 200 points free when activated
Collect - 5 points for every £1 spent
Reward - 250 points is a £2.50 reward

If you’d prefer to manage your Reward Card account online, you can do so. Register your card and check your balance using the buttons below. Please read our Terms & Conditions before using your Card. If you have any questions, take a look and see if they have been answered on our FAQ page.